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Our Mission

To empower young people from the Ballymun region to reach their full potential, by putting in place a range of resources that will support them to make a happy, healthy and successful transition to adulthood, and promoting health, well-being and resilience at all stages of their development.

Our Vision

BRYR's Vision of the Future

  • Is one where all young people in Ballymun are able to have a wide range of positive experiences which support their true sense of identity, realise their potential and participate as full and active citizens in a secure and peaceful society.
  • Know their rights and have these rights protected and promoted.
  • Understand their responsibilities to self and others.
  • Are valued, understood, involved and feel safe and supported.

Our Purpose

To serve the young people of Ballymun with the support and opportunities to build their sense of self-worth and to enable them to contribute positively to our society.

Our Approach

  • Is to help build positive, trusting relations with and between young people.
  • Encourage personal development and social education, shaped in part by young people, based on learning from experiences in safe and enjoyable environments.
  • To promote health and well-being at all stages of development.
  • To build positive self-esteem, self-awareness and self-acceptance as a support to young people in making informed life decisions.
  • To promote respect for individual differences and an acceptance of the individual's right to personal choice.
  • Contribute to the growth of the social, economic and cultural life of Ballymun so that the environment in which young people grow and live is as healthy as possible.
Howth - Boat Trip (Ireland's EYE!) 2022

Our Core Values

To help build positive, trusting relations with and between young people



Equal respect for and acceptance of all young people: never give up on anyone.



Professionalism & integrity in our support of young people



Open and honest communication



Protection & nurturing for young people in Ballymun

Mental Health


Encouragement of volunteerism in our community.



Optimism for the future of Ballymun

Our Services

day out

BRYR’s programme of work is continuously changing and adapting to meet the needs of individuals and groups of young people. Each term youth workers change their programmes catering to the extensive needs/risks of young people.

Drop-in Spaces

First point of contact for young people entering BRYR. Accessing a youth friendly space within their community that provides different activities and experiences each and every week. BRYR provides a weekly drop in on a Tuesday for all young people. These are split into age groups and give young people a chance to sample what BRYR has to offer while being with groups of friends.


Representing the voices of young people within BRYR. To ensure issues are addressed, needs are met and that young people are truly leading out on the changes within the organisation of BRYR.

Mental Health

A huge important aspect of our work is regularly checking-in with young people. We also provide a counseling service available to young people to avail of in the area. BRYR has its own counseling service on site called the what up service.

Inter-agency Collaboration

Working in conjunction with services and youth projects for the best interest of young people and further expanding young people’s own views and perceptions of young people across different communities. Examples of this work are the DNYS collaboration work, Co operation Ireland, CYPSC, motivational interviewing.

1-2-1 Work

Providing additional supportive and meaningful spaces for young
People. This is needs-based and occur are short-term engagement strategies to support young people in their development.

Digital Arts

Engaging young people through IT based workshops and programmes i.e. Podcast, 3D Printing and Social Media. These are all catered towards young people’s interests.

Creative Arts

Linking young people into music, drama, script writing, filmography, arts and alternative creative processes to truly support young people in their development and expanding their potential.


As well as taking part in community events, BRYR also hosts a number of events throughout the year. These are held in the Reco building and are ran by the youth Workers and young people together . These include our Pride event, International women's day event, Halloween event. BRYR also hosts a large 3-day Christmas fair for all the young people in the community. BRYR also host some yearly events that are dedicated to the memory of young people. This includes the Shane Murphy cup (Pool tournament) and the Josh Dunne memorial cup (football tournament).

Summer Programme

Providing fun activities and trips for young people to engage in. Engaging the wider community and further supporting children, young people and adults in the community.

Parks programme

BRYR runs a parks programme for a few weeks in summer. This provides safe play for young people and families and also helps link new young people into the service.

Youth Club & Interest-Based Groups

Listening to young people’s voices and responding to their needs. These groups are centered around social inclusion to provide young people with a space to be themselves. Small groups of young people come together every week to explore their interests and needs.


Overnight experience truly giving the young people a different experience and creating lasting positive memories. These overnight experiences may vary in setting, but provide young people with new opportunities.


The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

Specialised Groups

Engaging young people in a positively constructive space designed to meet their needs and further support them in their prosocial progression. Young people with additional needs around inclusivity including LGBTI, young Travelers and Young Mothers.


Community Youth Work is about adults and young people working together, building community spirit and playing an active role in the development of their communities. The community/detached team does this through various programmes and community events such as Better Ballymun day, National tree planting week, Ballymun running festival, Pele cup, Community games, Park games. The team also sit on a number of community forums such as the Ballymun network for assisting young people and equal youth.

Detached youth work

Detached youth work is a distinct form of youth work that engages young people, aged between 10-24yrs, on the streets rather than a conventional youth work setting. Detached youth workers work where young people have chosen to be, whether this is on the streets, parks, shops etc. Workers make contact with young people wherever they are and build relationships over a period of time. Detached youth work takes its lead from young people and helps them to work out what their needs and goals are and then supports them in taking action to meet those needs and goals.

WhatsUP Mental Health Service

The WhatsUP Mental Health Service is a provision of counselling for young people and adults who in need of additional support. This Service operates within the Reco and provides professional mental health support for those who are experiencing poor mental health.
The coordinator will assess the risk and allocate counsellors to those in need.

Josh Dunne



Centre based contact points of those individuals in 2023


AGE 10-14


AGE 15-24


Female engagement


Male Engagement

Community/Events 2023



Running Festival:


Park Games:


International Women’s Day:


Memorial Events:




*Data is for 2023

The Reco

The Reco is a fantastic building that provides many alternative spaces to young people including; fully functioning kitchen and canteen area for young people to eat in, mingle and engage with one another. There is a pool and darts room for recreational use, a DJ’ing and podcasting space for young people to bring their ideas and knowledge together and learn new skills. We use our courtyard extensively to maximise outdoor games and to host events throughout the year. Our other spaces include ‘City’ which is a computer hub for young people to not only expand their IT skills, but also connect virtually with one another and positively engage online while being fully supervised. This area also includes a 3D printing lab that young people actively access to enhance their skill sets. There is also a music room for young people’s learning to expand upon their musical talents. We have a Zen den where young people can relax and enjoy peace and quiet away from the stress. The Reco utilises all of its facilities meaningfully to ensure that young people are reaching their full potential expanding their own personal development.

Our Address

Ballymun Regional Youth Resource
The Reco Central Youth Facility
Sillogue Road
Dublin D11 PX34

Opening Hours:

Monday: 9:00-10:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00-10:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00-10:00pm
Thursday: 9:00-10:00pm
Friday: 9:00-10:00pm
Saturday: 10:00-7:00pm

Contact Number: Tel: 01 8667600
Email: info@bryr.ie

Sustainability & Going Green

Since our launch of “The Reco Going Green” we have committed to;

  • Reducing our General Waste
  • Improving our Recycling
  • Repairing & Re-using
  • Composting more effectively
  • Being more energy efficient
  • We are composting all our organic and food waste in the youth café, in our staff canteen and all our catering set ups.
  • As part of “Going Green” we have actively committed to spreading awareness within the community to creating a more self-sustainable community in Ballymun.

BRYR & The Reco would like to acknowledge the support of The Dublin Airport Community Fund.

Youth Committee - Reco going Green
International Mens Day

Meet Our Team

  • BRYR Board of Directors
  • Facilities Team
  • Management
  • Mental Health
  • Youth Workers

Geraldine Comerford

Annette Whelan

Denise McDonnell

Dean Hayden

Darragh Byrne

Eimear Whitfield

Sinead Ryan

Tanya Foran

Colm O’Connor

Eimear Foley

David Sheridan

Joan McDonnell

Kenneth Coakley

Natasha Wilson

Jeff O’Toole

Michele Gifford

Kevin Kelly

Lisa Bonnell

Holly Bardon

Elaine Smith

Raychel Keenan

Dean Scurry

Tony Gavin

Derek Donohue

Roger Hallows

Sylvia Dooley

Samantha Henry

Shanice Dunne

Valerie Jenkins

Fiona Gallagher

Tom Ward

Clare Anne Carey

Ian Delany

Miriam Brown

Sameeah Z. Holland

Ciaran Mollahan

Get Involved

Volunteers and student placements

Group WOrk

BRYR values the benefits volunteers and students bring to our organisation through the addition of skills, interests, life experiences and cultural backgrounds. They work alongside professional staff to bring vital services to young people. We aim to include volunteers and students in many of our programmes and activities.

Our team of volunteers and placement students mainly take on roles in the Youth Work Team, The Facilities Team & The Mental Health Programme.

The time, contribution, energy and enthusiasm that volunteers and students bring is recognised and appreciated by BRYR. We value the difference that they make to young people and our programme of work.

We recruit volunteers on an on-going basis. We recruit part-time and sessional volunteers. Volunteers must be aged over the age of 18 years. We support and supervise Placement Students. We take in students from Second Level, and PLC students and Third Level students from relevant courses.

All volunteers and student placements must attend an informal interview, submit for Garda Vetting and provide the contact details of two referees.

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